When did I get into the habit of seeing what the internet thinks? I’ve recently discovered the Dry Creek Wrangler School YouTube page and I’m really enjoying it. I found myself about ready to check Reddit to see if anyone else likes it when I stopped myself. Most likely I’d see negative posts and why is it so important to see what others think? Do I need reassurance or am I hoping to discover more content?

It’s part of why I must continue to eliminate Reddit from my life. Search engines are already useless and Reddit is the only true place to find some real people. Of course, those real people are most likely 15 and spouting off whatever nonsense they want.

I’ll never forget hearing a close friend flat out say he didn’t care if he was spreading lies and this way before the misinformation age. I gotta imagine less adjusted individuals care even less.

Just more reasons to give up on this “net life.”


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