Putting Things in the Past

It’s time to start taking inventory of the things I like and don’t like.

Pro wrestling is the toughest thing to discuss. I loved it as a kid, but quickly fell out of love with it. I kept following it from afar, but it wasn’t until AEW came around that I got interested again. Now that AEW has struggled, my love of wrestling is reduced and I think it’s time to say goodbye. I may attend a live show here and there, but my days of watching it weekly are over.

I think I’ve also grown sour on the whole culture. My friends obsession as well as the money making that goes around the fandom. It’s just as toxic and exploitative and that doesn’t really interest me.

The 80’s and 90’s have been something I’ve been consumed with since.. well the 80’s and 90’s. Toys, video games, music, clothing, you name it, I’ve loved it. I’ve gone as far as buying toys I didn’t even have or like, just to have them because they were retro. I have half a dozen vintage board games that I never play just because they “look cool.”

At times I obsessed over buying things (such as the Ghostbusters figures) and then I got them and realized it did nothing for me. It didn’t make me feel like I used to or bring me any true joy.

I can’t tell you how many old video games I’ve bought just to find that they didn’t age well and it didn’t really matter to me. Or old movies I forced myself to watch because I used to love it or “need to see it.” My entire adult life can be defined by entertainment consumption and that makes me sad.

Blogging is something else I’m done with. I’ve tried way too hard for too long and it’s gotten me no where. It’s an outdated practice and I’m much happier just writing for myself.

Branded clothing is something else I’m over. I’m not buying anymore t-shirts with logos. I prefer the plain basic t shirts anyway. Once it warms up, I’m filling my closet with a bunch of the same t-shirts and calling it a day.

Putting Things in the Past

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