What I’m Doing

Managing my calm is my number one priority right now. I feel like I’m doing an okay job of it.

  1. Reducing my internet usage and eliminating people and things that irritate me.
  2. Cutting back on my caffeine and increasing my water intake.
  3. Getting better sleep (sort of a side effect from #2).
  4. Shutting up and breathing when things feel overwhelming.
  5. Only speaking when I have something important to say.
  6. Asking myself “Will this help me have a quiet, peaceful life?” before buying things.
  7. Walking at least ten minutes five days a week.
  8. Reducing everything (possessions, digital clutter)
  9. Cleaning up, taking a bit more pride in my things.
  10. Reading a lot more.
  11. Writing on this journal, whenever a thought comes to mind.
What I’m Doing

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