Yesterday, I watched the trailer for The Good Person. It reminded me of Garden State and the entertainment that really helped me along at the time. Shows like Six Feet Under and Dead Like Me.

I realized how shows dealt with death which I guess is somewhat on my mind lately. I’ve been reminded harshly of my mortality and I find myself reaching back to these shows for guidance and antidotes to help me through my days.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I’m worried about Brandys depression and I’m just tired. I’m taking care of her and running around like crazy with no help coming. That sucks.

This weekend I’m most likely running her to the beach for the day, in hopes that some sunlight and nature will boost her mood. The beach doesn’t do much for me, but she seems calmed by the water. So hopefully this will be a worthy way to spend my time.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas is 9 days away. We have no decorations up, no wrapped presents and no family plans. It’s less stress but I do wonder how it affects her depression.


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