Retiring from Video Games

Back in 2006, after buying my Wii, I announced that it would be my final gaming console. I couldn’t imagine needing anything else after the revolutionary device was released. Then I realized the underpowered system was wonderful to play Nintendo games and some Wii exclusives on, but not so much for third party AAA games.

Over the past sixteen years, gaming has changed tremendously. Mid budget games are gone and the quick pickup and play arcade games are few and far between. Every year I find myself less and less excited for new releases and instead play older games.

I think I’m just about done buying games. I said retired in the title but I mean that with buying/following gaming. I’m just kinda over it these days.

The PlayStation Plus Premium allowed me to see how many games I didn’t want to play and just how much time I wasted looking at games. I think it’s time to direct that time into either playing or doing something else with my time altogether.

Retiring from Video Games

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