As 2023 approaches my life is in a bit of flux. I’ve been working on simplifying my life and I believe writing down a few words might help me stay focused as the new year approaches.

In 2023, I’m going to attempt to attend church once more. I have plans to visit Common Thread on January 1st which seems like a great way to start the year. I’m hoping to find a bit of community and maybe some guidance while Brandy is mostly looking for community.

Once I’ve accomplished the fear of going into a church, I will work on getting us moved out of our current apartment and into a new one.

Once the moving dust settles, my next goal is to take Tai Chi and possibly Kung Fu as well. Not only for a communal aspect but also for fitness and self defense confidence.

I must lose some weight and get into better shape or face a future of liver cancer. That doesn’t sound ideal so on top of these things I must do that.

In order to lose weight, I must meal plan and track. In order to do that I must budget and buy ahead. Which means I don’t have as much time as I probably would like, but I’m hoping to free up time with less gaming and less binge watching.

In order to do that, I must let go of obsessions and the desire to complete things. I also need to make more physical space in my life and have been working to get rid of things. I really need Brandy to get on board with purging more but she’s not in a mental place to do that now. So, I guess I’ll do what I can and hope for the best.

What I want more than anything is a more peaceful year that can set me up better for the future. I’m already accepting that I’ll have to spend more money on rent than I’d like, but if that gives us a more peaceful life than so be it. I’d rather spend an extra $150 on a quiet space that I enjoy vs feeling cramped and dealing with loud neighbors and cars all the time.


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