Last night, I struggled to sleep so I found myself browsing the Star Trek subreddit. I ended up reading about a horrific event that occurred in Nana Visitor aka Kira’s life. It’s haunted me ever since.

I’m amazed by her strength and ability to continue on after such a horrible ordeal. I’m not sure why it’s unsettled me so, I guess I always really liked the character and actress and hate to hear of bad things happening to people.

Today I watched an episode of DS9 which just so happens to be the episode she was taping when she was kidnapped. It was almost unsettling to watch this episode knowing that in real life, things were going to change for her so dramatically.

I guess, it just goes to show how strong the human spirit is. She didn’t allow this one bad day to destroy her life. Instead she found ways to be strong and live. I will forever admire her so much more going forward.


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